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Redeeming Aries

Your horoscope for today:

The planets have aligned in your favor. The constellations hold the key to finding a love that burns brighter than all the stars in the cosmos.
Twelve Signs.
Twelve Sci-Fi Authors.
Get ready for....

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For the crime committed against their people, the Klevian warriors seek revenge against Earth!

Yet when a human is thrown into Varimar's cell, he discovers he wants more than simple contrition; he wants her very soul!

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A desperate cry for help!


But how can he help her through her trauma, when he's never come to terms with his own?


What will Tanir do to protect his new love?

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Coming December 1st

The Ilia's Lovers

Dahnus and Hadith have waited years to find their mate.


Elaine is still recovering from past trauma of enslavement


As their love and trust grows, Dahnus must work in the background to save his people, claim his mates and protect his Ilia, surrounding her with males who love her just as much as he does.


As the threat to their lives grows, Elaine must learn to blend her family, and become the Ilia Dahnus knows she can be.

Coming September 2023

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