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It's not enough Tacori has to deal with a sarcastic AI for the new ship he's testing, but now a human female is in need of his help. Ordered by his king not to touch her under any circumstances, Tacori is horrified to find the very presence of Evelyn is seared into his consciousness. As they come closer to achieving their goal Tacori realises he has one chance to take a mate and if he lets her go, he'll regret it forever. But how can he, when it means betraying his king?

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A desperate cry for help!


But how can he help her through her trauma, when he's never come to terms with his own?


What will Tanir do to protect his new love?


For the crime committed against their people, the Klevian warriors seek revenge against Earth!

Yet when a human is thrown into Varimar's cell, he discovers he wants more than simple contrition; he wants her very soul!

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The Pack's Bride

Pyri spent a year being experimented on by a cruel Devori. When she's rescued, she finally thinks her ordeal is over. Spritied away, Pyri finds herself at the mercy of not one, or even two Adosian aliens claiming her as their mate, but a pack of five!