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Adalth and Sakura are so damn cute!

The Crime Lord’s Fall is out tomorrow! Here is just a little peek at Adalth and Sakura. I love them!


Sakura disappeared with Sassiya immediately after finishing her meal. She was gone for the rest of the day, leaving Adalth to his own devices.

It was the first time he'd been separated from Sakura since she'd come on board, except for those times he was negotiating with the syndicate leaders. Adalth found himself entirely at a loss for what to do with himself.

Finally, he opted to take care of some outstanding business in his office.

Several hours passed, and it was getting close to when Sakura would settle down to sleep. She finally entered his office almost two hacri later, one hand covering her mouth as she stifled a yawn.

'Sassiya not with you?' he asked.

'She saw me to the front door, but she has things to do.' Sakura sat down on the same seat she'd fallen asleep on every night since they first boarded the ship.

Adalth rose, slithered out of the room, and went to the small kitchenette area where Sakura's meal was sitting. It was in a container that was designed to keep it hot, waiting for her return. When he entered the office, Sakura had already laid down.

'Not yet,' Adalth said, tapping the top of her head as he set the meal down. 'You’ve been busy. You need to eat.’

‘I’m exhausted,’ she said, closing her eyes. ‘I just want to—’

‘Eat,’ Adalth ordered, cutting her off.


‘Now,’ Adalth insisted.

‘Fine.’ Sakura got up with a huff. There was an annoyed look on her face, but she tucked into her food.

‘I’m sorry to be insistent,’ Adalth said. ‘But I want to ensure when we deliver you—’

‘I’m eating, aren’t I?’ Sakura snapped. She shoveled food into her mouth and ate as she stared at him. Her eyes were hard, annoyance in every line of her face and the set of her body as she chewed pointedly.

Adalth’s cocks went completely hard in their sheath. He loved a strong female. One who challenged him, demanded of him, and didn’t allow his overbearing nature to dominate her.

Sakura must have seen something on his face because the blood drained from hers. She seemed to go still, and her chewing slowed.

Because she was still recovering from trauma, Adalth reminded himself, and here he was, imagining wrapping his coils around her, sinking into her sweet heat, and making love to her until she was gasping, moaning, keening with need for him.

Adalth turned away from her and returned to his desk. ‘I only mean to care for you,’ Adalth said, addressing both her anger and her fear at once. ‘I will not let you go hungry,’ Adalth sank into the coil well and turned back to his work, ‘and I will not betray your trust.’

‘I know,’ Sakura said.

Adalth risked looking at her. Sakura watched him, not with the wariness earned through a solar of abuse, but with the blind trust of someone addressing their saviour. The bonds that tied her to him were strengthening. Adalth needed to wrap up negotiations and deliver her to the Tessans before severing them would do more harm than good.

More so now, his body had displayed such unguarded attraction.

Some time passed. Adalth found it difficult to get back into his work, but he feigned engrossment so that Sakura could relax. The next time he looked up at her, she was breathing deeply on the sofa, her eyes closed, her mouth open, and her dish empty.

Shutting down his workspace, Adalth crossed to her and carefully lifted her into his arms. He used the coil bar to climb to his nest and laid her in the dent that was entirely hers. Wrapping himself around her, Adalth watched over her as she slept.

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