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Bonus Epilogue

The Runaway's Escape has been out for a week and a bit now and I just want to thank you all for you all! It is my best selling book to date. Thank you!

It's become a bit of a habit to write a bonus epilogue now. It was never something I intended to do, but I've really loved stretching forward a little in time and seeing how my couples, throuples and more are doing.

For this bonus epilogue, we stretch farther than usual.

Usually, I only go forward 5 years as a maximum.This time, I skipped ahead 15 odd years. Solars and years are quite close, but don't quite measure up to one another, so it's 15 solars, and 15 years give or take.

This bonus epilogue is a little bit of a cheat for me. Sorry! But it actually acts as a bit of a bonus epilogue for a book that isn't written yet.

In this book, you're introduced to the idea that Amarans are very sexually expressive and have liberal attitudes to sex and sexual expression. But Aran, Tyne and Vedian have been through a lot and opening themselves up to their mates is a journey for them.

In 2022 I'm launching the Rulers series. This begins with The Pack's Bride, which along with The Soltul's Disgrace are already up for preorder, which a few eagle-eyed among you have already noticed and preordered! You guys are really on the ball!

I'm releasing The Ilia's Lovers in 2023. This book is set totally on Amara and will explore the dynamics of Amaran sexuality and family further. The Ilia in question has already been introduced in earlier books. She, of course, will be revealed to be Dahnus and Hadith's mate. For Dahnus this puts him in a difficult position, but he's intelligent and determined to have his mates.

For the lady in question, this puts her in a great deal of danger and Dahnus has a plan for that too. Give his mate more mates. You can get a little sneak peak of those mates in the bonus epilogue. There is a link in the back of the book but you can find it here to.

The only issue is, The Ilia's Lovers is going to have to be two books. There is a lot to do here, from resolving the issues that forces the heroine into Dahnus and Hadith's lives in the first place to dealing with the ongoing issue of Humans and the IGC. The second book will deal with the rising political intrigue of Amara.

I'm okay with cliffhangers, but I'll never write them in a romance book if I can get away with it. So, my intent is to write both books one after another and release them at the same time.

As well as launching Ruler's next year, I'm also launching Klevian Warriors. The full version of Tacori will come out first, on June 1st. The Pack's Bride, the first of the Rulers series, comes out on September 1st and then I'll be alternating between the two series until Klevian Warriors is finished.

I hope you enjoyed The Runaway's Escape and if you haven't read it yet, off you pop! 😆💜

If you're ready to read The Runaway's Escape Bonus Epilogue, you will find the link to it in the back of the book. For my newsletter subscribers and members of The Author's Renegades Facebook group, you will find a subscription free link there today. Alternatively, you can sign up to the Members Only area here on the website and access it today.

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