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Covid and writing

For the past two months I’ve been struggling to write due to tendonitis. It was beginning to become a problem, so I invested, heavily, in a split keyboard.

It’s the tendon that my little and ring finger share on my right hand and slowly, over the course of a week pain started. I took a couple of weeks off at the end of January to see if everything got better and it didn’t.

I bought a split keyboard to help. I have short limbs and I can’t reach the keys of a normal keyboard without extending my shoulders. This puts pressure on the muscles surrounding them. As you can see, the keyboard is absolutely split and raised to stop pronation which is where your wrists are parallel to your desk which crosses the bones in your forearms and things get caught, including, apparently tendons, meaning they can’t stretch as far as they might need to. I honestly didn't expect it to be as effective as it was, but within a few days the pain had gone and even now, writing this, there is only ghost twinges as a reminder.

Just when I thought everything was back to normal and I was going to crack on with it, Covid!

Thankfully the covid wasn't nearly as bad as it could be. I'm prone to chest infections and bronchitis has been a bane in my life since I was a little kid, so the idea of catching an illness that replicates in the lungs has, obviously, been freaking me out. I'm fully vaccinated and I'm guessing we had the omicron version because all I got was a persistent cough and a runny nose. I can feel it on my chest trying to replicate, but I've been dealing with bronchitis since I was six years old and I know how to fight a chest infection. That being said, this version was definitely mild and I dread the idea of a stronger variant.

Gasping for breath is not how I want to go out!

While the symptoms were mild, the infection made it impossible to concentrate on writing, so I read instead. I'm not really into more contemporary romance books, but I ended up reading Cate C Wells Stonecut County Romance Series. Hitting a Wall and Against a Wall. When I found out the little sister of the two heroes of those books got her HEA in an Motorcycle Club romance book, I got Heavy and read that. Heavy is the last in the Steel Bones Motorcycle Club Romance series so I ended up devouring the whole lot.

I'd already read one Cate C Wells book, The Tyrant Alpha's Rejected Mate, a wolf shifter romance. I'm not really into shifter romances, but I really enjoyed this book, to the point where I'm looking forward to her second in the series. If you haven't tried Wells and you enjoy a good rejected fated mate and grovel, this is for you! Killian gives good grovel! XD

Also, definitely check out the Stonecut County and Steel Bones MC series. Both are really well written, the characters are fantastic and Wells writes a great grovel. Also, Heavy and Dina are awesome and if anyone disses my girl Neveah, we'll be having words! XD

Anyway, I still have Covid, but I can feel it going away, so I'm back to work as I write this. It'll probably take me a few days to get back up to full steam, and I'm definitely behind in my writing and editing, but well ahead of what I'm actually releasing, so don't worry about that.

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