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The Cook's Game

A brilliant mind!

When Keral came searching for the human female who escaped her slavery he found her hiding in the bowels of Caras station. Informed Addison needs extra care, Keral is determined to take away all her worries.

Yet instead of a fragile mind, he finds a woman who outshines any he’s ever met, in intelligence, bravery and beauty.

But in such a lawless place how can he keep her safe?

If you like loving and protective alien males who are possessive of their Earth woman, then you'll love The Cook's Game. This is a full-length, standalone, alien sci-fi romance. There are no cliffhangers or cheating and a HEA is guaranteed.


There was an arm resting across his chest, and the most incredible smell, sweet and complex, surrounded him. Keral relaxed and let the two sensations bathe him. For the metri it took him to come to full consciousness, they were the only things in the world that mattered.

                There was a warm body pressed to his side. A hand wrapped around his arm, and breaths warmed his shoulder. The cool air reasserted itself as she breathed in before the warm breath moved over his skin once more.


                The possessive primal part of him, the Sehn part of him, was deeply satisfied that the female was there, seeking his protection, his heat and…

                Keral opened his eyes and found Addison’s, closed and moving under her lids, her head resting on the pillow next to his. Her full lips were slightly parted, her nose and wide cheekbone caught the light, a contrast to the dark brown of her skin.

                Vrok! She’s beautiful!

                Metri passed as he watched her. Her eyes flickering under her lids, then pausing. Her breathing changed, movement, small at first, increased until her body stiffened and stretched. Her mouth opened in a yawn, her hand moving from Keral’s chest to cover it a moment later. Keral smiled. There wasn’t a thing this female did he didn’t find utterly enchanting.

                Her eyes opened. They weren’t black as he’d originally thought, but such a dark brown that unless he was up close, like now, he couldn’t tell the difference. But now he could. Now he could see the light flecks. Then as though the light shifted, her eyes suddenly seemed like a multi-faceted jewel, throwing off shades of darkness and light throughout the iris.

                Keral barely resisted the urge to kiss her.

                ‘Morning.’ She smiled at him, and it hit something hard in his chest. ‘How are you feeling?’

                Focusing on the question, Keral did a quick assessment of his body. There were aches and pains. His face felt vrokked up, and his shoulders still ached heavily where he’d relocated them, which was better than the broken glass feeling of dislocated shoulders.

                ‘Starving,’ he admitted.

                Addison was across the bed and getting out before he could stop her. Not that he was sure he would have, but he was definitely conscious of the lack of her—the lack of her presence, her warmth, which was quickly fading from the bed. Only the hint of her scent remained.

You can buy The Cook's Game from Amazon, or read it on Kindle Unlimited.

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