The Pack's Bride

Pyri has spent a year being experimented on by a cruel Devori. When she's rescued, she finally thinks her ordeal is over. Quickly separated from her best friend, Pyri finds herself at the mercy of not one, or even two Adosian aliens claiming her as their mate, but a pack of five!

They're dominating, controlling and don't seem to realise they're pushing her away even as they try to win her heart. Because there's a caveat to Pyri being here and that's the Tessans. They've given the Adosian leader and his pack a month to win her willingly, or they'll come and free her by force. Pyri has no intention of giving into these males. They're bully boys. Arrogant, dismissive and foolish enough to think that they can intimidate her into loving them.

As Pyri fights them tooth and nail, Talis, Adaran, Nadan, Kemar and Thelan begin to realise human women aren't as easy to control as their own and, maybe they don’t want to. More, as she leads them on a chase they begin to see the cracks in their society, cracks that Pyri refuses to stop exposing until their whole system of domination falls down around them. With the Adosian females on Pyri's side, Talis, as king, must make decisions that could bring his whole world to the brink of war.



If you like books with dominant aliens who learn to bend, and strong females who will fight for what is right, then you'll love this book. In this story, all of the love is only headed towards the heroine.


Warning, each book is a standalone story, in as much as the heroes and heroine will have a guaranteed HEA at the end. However, as much as I would like to write standalones, this is a part of an overarching story which begins in the Renegades series, with The Mercenary's Dawn. It continues through the Warriors series and is picked up here. While Warriors deals with more intimate stories, Rulers tackles the growing political fallout from the Renegades series and begins building towards the coming final conflict.

As soon as they entered, the room stopped and turned to them. There was already a thick tension in the air, anticipation of what the night would bring, but whatever the gathered males saw in her face, the tension ramped up.

There was a pause as everyone took it all in.

‘I think our female is going into heat sooner than we anticipated,’ Nadan said.

Pyri looked up at him and was relieved to see genuine concern on his face.

‘That was quick,’ Talis said, crossing the room to Pyri. He squatted in front of her, sniffing at her abdomen, his eyes fluttering closed, a gasped moan escaping his lips.

When his eyes opened, his pupils had swallowed almost all of his irises, making them appear black with a thin apple green rim around them.

‘I think Nadan is right,’ he said, looking at Pyri. ‘Thelan, call Catra. Adaran, fetch my mother. I want to make sure Pyri has all of her options before she decides what she wants to do.’

‘I want you,’ she said, shaking her head. ‘I don't need Catra or your mother. I just need…’ Pyri swallowed, feeling suddenly vulnerable.

‘What do you need?' Adaran asked, walking to her side. Concern was etched into his face even as she watched his pupils expand until his irises were only a thin amber rim.

Pyri swallowed and forced herself on, Medeia’s words still haunting her.

‘I need to know that you’ll fight for me,’ Pyri said. The need behind those words was a mashed-up mess in her quickly deteriorating mind, but she had to get it out before this madness took her completely.

‘I need to know that you’ll fight for me if Talis dictates something you know will make me miserable. I need to know if you’ll fight for me if Nadan’s being an ass as my Zaro. I need to know that you’ll fight for my right to be a person, not property.’

Need burst inside Pyri and rippled out throughout her entire body. Her eyes closed, her back bowed and whimpered as heat followed, her whole body climbing in temperature until every piece of clothing was too much. Suddenly, she could feel every irritating piece of fibre in the suffocating cloth against her skin.

She wanted to rip the clothes from her body.

Heat... The name was appropriate.

Opening her eyes, Pyri forced herself to look at the five males hovering around her, their bodies in suspended motion, like a stone in a sling, waiting for permission to whip through the air for their destination.

She was clutching onto Nadan's hand on one side, onto the cloth of Talis's shoulder in front of her. She looked down at Talis; her fear spiking when she looked into uncertain eyes.

‘Will you fight for me?’

Talis turned to Adaran at his side, then to Nadan, Kemar, and Thelan. He looked back at her, taking her hips in his massive hands.

‘I believe they will all fight me to ensure you are happy,’ Talis said, his voice low, raspy, and thick. ‘But they don't need to. I am already fighting everything I was ever taught. Pyri, I want you to stay. I want you to be happy here, with us.’

A torrent of emotion went through Pyri and erupted from her in a sob. She stepped forward, leaning down and capturing Talis’s lips with hers.

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