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Kings; emperors; warlords. As lines are drawn and sides are chosen, the choices these rulers make will effect countless people.


Enslaved; abused; violated. As these women find their heroes, they'll be thrown into the middle of a conflict that will decide the fate of everyone.


But when cool heads meet heated passions, can they even make the right choices?

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Talis, Adaran, Nadan, Kemar and Thelan think they can dominate Pyri into loving them, but they're about to find out how headstrong a human woman can be. Worse, how determined she can be to right wrongs.

With thirty days to convince Pyri to stay before the Tessans come and release her by force, Talis and his pack must learn to deserve their fated mate, or lose her forever.

The Ilia's Lovers part 1 teaser cover.jpg

Dahnus and Hadith waited years for their fated mate, but Elaine must heal from her recent enslavement.


As love and trust is nurtured, threats grow. Dahnus must surround his mates with lovers as willing to fight and, if necessary, die for them as he is. But can Elaine love them?

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