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Smugglers, Mercenaries, criminals.


Alien males operating on the edge of the law!


As each one finds their mate, they'll change their world to keep her.

renegade_book1 redo.jpg

A Mercenary looking for a future. An escaped slave fleeing from the past. Their love will reshape worlds.

Thanesh and Alethia must now fight side-by-side or face the horrifying consequences.

renegade_book2 redo.jpg

A smuggler seeking to change his destiny. An enslaved trader desperate to go home. Can they survive the forces determined to drive them apart?


But with Rhona's owner determined to recapture his property, can Makios keep the woman he loves safe?

renegade_book3 redo.jpg

A thief running from his mistakes. A woman racing toward her destiny. Together they have one chance to save her crew.


But can they escape the enraged Fedhith slaver and save the crew of Endurance?

renegade_book4 redo no watch.jpg

A criminal looking for a quick payday. An officer trying to survive her cruel master. They must work together to change their fates.


Can Danithor save Tara from the cruel Hinari that are tracking her every step?

renegade_book5 redo.jpg

A Bounty-Hunter determined to reclaim his honour. A Fighter-Pilot on a mission to save Earth. Ronin must choose between his reputation and his heart.


As Sophia outwits Ronin at every turn, he finds himself re-examining his future and how he might rebuild it around the tenacious human.

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