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Hunted, sold, enslaved! Women from Earth are spread across a cold universe, alone!


Damaged, scarred and fighting to survive, alien warriors will succumb to the human females who steal their hearts.


He will cross the galaxy to find her.


When Olivia is sold into slavery, Kadian will do anything to bring her safely back to him.


His price for this rescue?




A brilliant mind!


When Keral hunts for an escaped human slave. When he finds her in the bowels of a hostile space station he meets a woman who outshines any he's ever met.


What will he hold back from this female?


A troubled past!


Trapped! Danielle avoids the mischievous and competitive Temerin! Not least because of the feelings the three evoke in her.


Aerdan, Haddis and Bedvir help Danielle heal, but can the mischievous Temerin tempt her into a new kind of family?

04. The Runaway's Escape.jpeg

When Ariana is suddenly freed from slavery, she's determined to put the past behind her by claiming the three Amarans, Vedian, Aran and Tyne. All of them carry scars from Vedian's cousin Drexan, but Ariana can be both salve to their wounds and salvation to their souls.


As the Amarans unite over their love of Ariana, a nightmare from their past returns to exact his revenge.

05. The Crime Lord's Fall.jpg

After a year of hell, Sakura didn't expect to be rescued by a naga man from myth.

Adalth will do anything to protect the small human under his care, even ignore the love growing in his hearts for her.

But can he let Sakura go when the time comes?

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