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Bonus Stories and Insights

As many of you know, Since the beginning of the Warriors series, I always release a bonus epilogue about the characters set at some point in the future. In the case of The Officer’s Mess and The Crime Lord’s Fall, this was to address the trauma experienced by the heroine and help them in their path to healing. For others, like The Scientist’s Price and The Cook’s Game, it’s to tease future events in the overarching story of the Tessan Universe. For The Runaway’s Escape, I was compelled to show how even though Thanesh is the leader of a world now, he still indulges in training the future leaders of Amara in Adunis Fighting, which allowed me to explore and simultaneously tease the future events of The Ilia’s Lovers, which will be coming out next year.

I love writing these little bonus epilogues, and love sharing them with you.

For Klevian Warriors, I wanted to continue writing Bonus Epilogues, but every time I sat down to write one for Tacori, I really struggled with it. I had two separate ideas. One, the gathering of those 'fallen' males and their mates the night before the events of the last book, but that felt too much like what I’ve done for the Tessan Universe and I couldn’t connect with the story. Two, Tacori and Evelyn go visit one the ancient ruined cities from before the cataclysm that almost destroyed the Klevian homeworld, but it’s a front for a special meeting. Again, I couldn’t connect with this idea. I did consider combining the two, but I just couldn’t find an angle into the story and I felt like it had no point, which is important in writing, everything you write should have a point, a revelation of a character, events, history; or it should be setting something up for the future, either in this book or a follow up.

I had a sudden flash of an idea several weeks ago and sat down and wrote it. Just a small short story. This had a point, several in fact. One, it gave us a glimpse into Tacori as a teenage boy, the person who missed going to the Vusa market with his mother, but still hadn’t inherited the responsibility of being Prime. Two, it showed the training the boys went through and how it affected them as a group. As I said in my last blog post here, Kerrin and his Prime's were taught to fight as one organism. They are all taught from the youngest age, that they are the chosen form of Zerik in this life and that they have to be close, must support each other, must act as one in order for Zerik to be strong. Most importantly, it gives us the life of Kerrin through the eyes of Tacori and the struggles he faces as a Klevian, as the future First Prime, as the son of a complicated leader and it also shows us something of the relationship between Kerrin and the beloved uncle he accused humans of killing and why that affected him so deeply. The story is super short, if you’re a member of the Members Only Area here on my website, you can read a long version of the story if you log in above, go to the Members Only Homepage and click on the Bonus Material button there. If you’re not a member, click on the log in button to register, but be aware, I personally approve all members to ensure we keep the spammers out.

The next book in this series, Galidin (which comes out on December 1st, I don't have a preorder up for it yet, so keep an eye out closer to the date). I've already written seven chapters and damn, I adore both Galidin and his mate, Shay. Shay is awesome, fearless and more than a match for Galidin. You’ll also see Teyr and meet his future mate in this book. I’ve just written a scene for their book (sometimes a scene will push from my subconscious to the fore of my mind and demand I write it down immediately), and boy, does Teyr make everything between them so much more complicated. He has a loooong way to go before he can claim his mate and when he finally does it’ll be explosive!

I know, I’m such an awful tease!

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