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New Covers for Klevian Warriors!

Sam Muraski has done an amazing job with these new covers for the launch of Klevian Warriors. I've updated the covers on both Amazon and BookFunnel, so if you download Varimar from BookFunnel, this is the cover you'll get.

Look at those covers! They're gorgeous!

It's now less than a month before Tacori comes out, 3 weeks tomorrow to be exact. I'm so excited to revisit the second of my sexy Klevians! This version is longer, but it's also a deeper story, going more into the characters and their motivations, as well as their story as they come together.

I got some amazing feedback from my editor, which I'm super proud of, so forgive the little ego trip here, but I just had to share it.

'Though I sometimes don’t feel it necessary to do a write-up on a second pass on a manuscript, I feel like this story absolutely warrants those comments as you’ve added a great deal of content and revised some of the material that made it into the shorter, more truncated version from last year.'

So, even if you think you've read Tacori, you haven't read this version of Tacori!

You can download Varimar free from Bookfunnel, complete with the new cover, or buy it from Amazon.

And you can preorder Tacori here.

My Writing Plan!

As you know if you read my blog last year about slowing down, I went from writing 6 books a year, to just 4. This was to protect me from burnout.

Well, yeah, it turns out I work better if I have an impending deadline! I've slowed down, but much more than I should have. I am way behind in writing. Don't worry, Tacori is done and with the Beta readers and going out to my ARC team next week. I have 6 completed chapters of The Pack's Bride and I even have 6 completed chapters of Galidin. This month I'm continuing on with writing The Pack's Bride, the next book due out on September 1st. But because of this slowdown, I'm reviewing my writing plan for this year.

Now, that doesn't mean I'm going to go to 6 full novels a year again. But I am looking at the Survivors of Teralis series and considering adding them with definitive dates to my schedule and getting them written. I'm currently going through what I have of, sigh, Angry Survivor. As you know, I've really struggled with this book. I can see why as I read through it, but I'm considering restructuring, re-planning it, then dropping it later down the line and writing Rowan's book instead. Rowan was the loud impetuous one by the side of the pool during Charlotte's Heavenly Survivor novella. In my head, she and Zenobia, the one desperate for attention, share a room and I keep coming back to how that is in my head and how Rowan of chill and fun deals with having high strung, 'look at me' Zenobia as her roommate.

You might also recognise Rowan's name as the mate of Pheadon, the head of the Misfit troupe of aliens sent to help Adalth from The Crime Lord's Fall and the only person Madrin, the Amaran psychopath, respects. I really want to write a story about why that is, and honestly, I really want more of the Misfit troupe.

I'm figuring all of this out over the next few days, so by the time my next blog comes out, I'll have it all sorted out.

The fall out of my shoddy writing the last couple of months is that April ended up being a disaster for me work wise. In fact, I'm still trying to catch up. It's not just about work though. I struggle with insomnia and it's reared it's annoying head over the last few weeks. There have been days where I've been really struggled just to exist. Because of this, I've had a stomach bug and now I have an ear infection. I'm literally a disaster. You guys must think I'm barely functional as a human being at this point, with all the sickness and injury I've had over the last year!

I am tackling this very mindfully though. I've changed my eating and exercise habits. I'm losing weight and feeling better. Consistency is key, so here's hoping my brain starts recalibrating and I can start sleeping again and get back on it.

I feel this picture way too much!


Let me know what you think of my idea about adding a couple of Survivors of Teralis books to my writing plan. I know I need to write the books about those sexy Tessans and that amazing venom! Also, are you looking forward to the expanded version of Tacori?

Lucy. 💜

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